What If I Wore This to Work Today...

When I was in my second year of law school I participated in a national Moot Court competition in San Antonio, TX. After one of the first rounds had finished, my (all-female) team and I awaited feedback from the panel of judges only to learn that the only constructive criticism we would be receiving would be on our wardrobe. No word was spoken on the legal arguments we had prepared for and made, but much was said on the fact we were all wearing black suits that looked very serious and that it wouldn't hurt us to don some color. If I remember correctly, one fashion-forward thinking judge went so far as to remark: "I think even a pink suit would be appropriate, given the temperature outside." You don't say

I was so peeved that looking back, I'm not quite sure how I practiced enough self-restraint to keep from having a personal Cher Horowitz moment ("and in conclusion may I please remind you that it does not say 'colorful attire' on the competition score sheet"). Like seriously lady, do you think I would be rocking this Ann Taylor "powersuit" if this was some sort of style tournament (no offense to Ann)? Anyhoo, we left San Antonio with a trophy and on days like today, when I slip into the recurring "imagine if I wore this to work" daydream, my mind returns to that Moot Court competition and that judge and my recurring desire to ask "IS THIS BETTER?!". 

Jumpsuit - Rhode Resort// Rainbow Acrylic Clutch - Cult Gaia// Glitter Lightning Earrings - EachToOwn// Lilac Chain Necklace - Vanda Jacintho// Bouquet Delivery - House of Lilac// Eyelashes Canister - Jonathan Adler