Red Hot Chili Peppers

Today's post is inspired by none other than the "feels like 96°" weather we're having in Houston today and the spicy cocktail yours truly will be craving at approximately 4:59 this afternoon. Now would be the appropriate time to tell you all about that chili-infused margarita recipe I've perfected, but alas, such is the stuff of my wannabe-homemaker dreams. So instead, I'll encourage my fellow Houstonians to take a jaunt downtown to visit The Pastry War, where one can (visit me! and) find yummy micheladas with chile pequin salted rims and a jalapeño-infused cocktail that goes by the name of the Pelirojo. Tuesday boozeday, #amIright?

If at this point you're asking yourself: "does this girl ever think about anything else besides happy hour and shopping?", I'll just clear the air and say no, unless you count good plans for future weekends, good theme ideas for future parties, good names for future flat-face cats, good itineraries for future vacations, and all of life's mysteries as worthwhile ruminations

Bamboo Clutch - J. McLaughlin// Red Button Top - The Reformation// Red Eyelet Skirt - Lisa Marie Fernandez// Cactus Mules - Katy Perry Collections//Glass Chili Earrings - Auden//Off the Shoulder Gown - Temperley London// Red & Hot Pink Heels - Kate Spade//Green, Red & Orange Earrings - Ullallabijoux// White Crop Top - T by Alexander Wang// Orange Shorts - Alexis// Red Mochila - Soraya Hennessy// Chili Pepper Anklet Heel - Charlotte Olympia// Off the Shoulder Striped Dress - Misa Los Angeles// Hot Stuff Clutch - Sarah's Bag// Beaded Chili Pepper Earrings - Etsy// Red Strap Heels - Bella Marie