Green Day

It's Monday and after mucho trabajo my brain is having itself a semi-fried kinda life (baby, baby). So we're leaving today's post in the hands of Michel Pastoureau, French professor of medieval history and author of Green: The History of a Color, in which he lists the complicated symbolic meanings associated with the color vert:

  1. The color of destiny, luck, and fortune; of money, of chance, of hope
  2. The color of nature, ecology, hygiene, health, freshness
  3. The color of youth, of the sea that raises, of liberalism
  4. The color of permission, freedom
  5. The color of the Devil and of the strange
  6. The color of acid, which stings and poisons 

I like lists, I like knowing weird, useless information, I like the color green, and I like being able to say (with authority now, thanks to Mr. Pastoureau) that when one wears the color green one figuratively and literally dons a fresh-to-death look with devilish vibes. Time to add some more vert to your vestido - good thing I did some leg work for you with the looks below. 

Green Flower Earrings - Ranjana Khan// Yellow Dress - Need Supply// Round Sunglasses - A.J. Morgan// Malachite Basket Purse - Cult Gaia// Black Flower Heels - Rochas// Yellow Flower Earrings - Ranjana Khan// White Top - Tibi// Sequin Pants - Ganni/ Yellow Mules - Gianvito Rossi// Flower Clutch - Ashlyn'd// Yellow Beaded Earrings - Tuckernuck// Yellow Sunglasses - Allyn Scura// Green Dress - Whistles// Woven Clutch - J. Crew// Palm Slides - Dolce Vita