Q: Thoughts on A Memorial Day Weekend Wardrobe? A: The Brighta, the Betta

There are moments I wish I was that I-only-wear-neutrals-and-only-own-20-items-of-clothing-and-somehow-manage-to-always-look-chic-AF girl (ex. un, deux, trois), but then I remember the powers that be had other plans for me. I'm hardwired to dress for the occasion, I wear my surroundings and gravitate towards large and in-ya-face accessories like a moth to a flame (and I got two ear lobe surgery notches on my belt to prove it, baby). So you can sing me the praises of versatile solids and closet staples until the cows come home and you can tell me Audrey didn't become a style icon by wearing pink glitter jelly slides, but you'll never convince me beach ball earrings aren't a wise investment before a three-day weekend at the beach. Ya just won't

So when asked by an amiga for help picking some pieces for a Tulum getaway this weekend, I should've warned her about the high risk of being blinded by the bright. But good golly, Miss Molly I'm not sending you to Mexico looking like a wallflower. I'm just not

Striped Bags - Mar & Sol// Beach Ball Earrings - Lou & Taylor// Printed Dress - Monki//Neon Striped Dress - Corey Lynn Calter// Teal & Neon Green Earrings - Shashi// Blue Linen Crop Top - Mango// Red Pants - Paloma Blue// Crochet Jumpsuit - Miguelina// Macrame Earrings - Roberta Roller Rabbit// Lace Up Tank Dress - Chio//Peach Cover Up Dress - 9seed// Rainbow Pom Pom Mules - Corey Lynn Calter// One Piece - Agua de Coco// Pink Glitter Jellies - Urban Outfitters// Bandeau Bikini - Mara Hoffman// Fringe Slides - Mystique// Off the Shoulder Tassel Dress - Pitusa