Found My Beach: Wiggy Kit

So much is said about the long-term affects of staring at your phone screen before going to sleep, yet so little attention is given to the diamonds in the rough one can encounter during a late night deep dive into the insta-newsfeed nether regions. So today I'm challenging the medical community at-large and taking the road less traveled by saying to hell with quality of sleep - for it is by traversing this road at the midnight hour that I stumbled upon my new favorite resort wear brand: Wiggy Kit

It was one of those finds that begins with a "oooh what's this?" and ends with an expletive whispered under your breath because after a few clicks you are confronted with the hard truth of having to admit you actually want the entire collection. Hi, my name is Natalie, and I have a shopping problem. Hiiii, Natalie. And to think, you could've been sleeping! 

You wonder, did designer Wiggy Hindmarch tap into my beachy-boho-chic mental moodboard or did she find a medicine woman in Harbour Island that gifted her with designing superpowers? After doing your research you discover its neither of the above (as far as the internet knows), and the brand's secret ingredient is simply the inspiration to create "perfectly cut dresses and separates that will take you from the local market, to the beach, carry you effortlessly through lunch and with a change of shoes, on through dinner."

You finally go to sleep, dreaming of wearing the peasant red striped skirt and white top while on a beach vacay, which coincidentally is where Pippa is honeymooning. She doesn't normally do this, but can't help but approach you to ask for the details of your outfit and you respond: "Oh, this old thing?" Just kidding (you're not even that cool in your dreams), you squeal "Wiggy Kit!" and start talking a million words a minute as Pippa begins to walk away slowly...