What my Dreams are Made of, Literally: Hill House Home & Biscuit

Call it pitiful, call it unfortunate, call it whatever you damn well please - but there is quite literally nothing I look forward to more each Mon-Thurs than getting home from the oficina and putting on ma' PJs. While this ritual more often than not only involves the shift from working at my downtown desk to working remotely from the sofa (lawya life!), it nevertheless signifies the end of the work day is near, my best friends (huzband + cats) are close by, and sleep is in the foreseeable future - aka my personal witching hours are afoot. It's when my mellow mood sets in, I brew my cabernet potion, and the supernatural hocus pocus activity behind this blog reaches its height.

Hence, the importance I place on my nighttime regalia and all associated linens. Leave it to two girl bosses and the "experts in bedding" behind Hill House Home, Nell Diamond and Katherine Kapnick (yo srat sista!), to create the sleepwear that gets me antsy for bedtime while the rest of the young adult world is prepping for happy hour. With the help of these threads, I'm no longer just a banana in a pajama (I'm always that), because I join the ranks of the workday warriors who GSD in the wee hours - and I do so comfortably.

So what eventually lures me off the couch and into actual shut-eye mode? Besides my dire need for beauty sleep, I give credit to my pillows from Biscuit Home, the brand started by Houston-native Bailey McCarthy that creates colorful and quirky "heirloom quality bedding." Biscuit's new season of fashion for the biscuit was recently released and (justtt like Lay's potato chips), I betcha' can't pick just one. 

Wear some HHH pajamas before resting your head on some Biscuit pillows and watch the beautiful magic of inspired productivity followed by some well-deserved, sound sleep unfurl. 

Pajamas - Hill House Home// Boudoir Shams - Biscuit Home