'Cause it's Wedding Season and the Bride is Jumpin', Jumpin'

There ain't no denying that wedding season is officially in full swing, and with this joyous and debaucherous time of year comes brides-to-be who are experiencing what I can only describe as the best state of e-commerce affairs: the mother of all justifications, otherwise known as the well-I-only-get-married-once-(I hope, lolz)-so-I-might-as-well-buy-it-cuz-I-gotta-look-phenomenal rationale. Perhaps you're not shocked to learn that I rode that justification pony 'til the cows came home (in this case, I'm the hefer returning home from a Belizian honeymoon that happily consisted of zero dieting/exercising). So I'm more than honored when asked by my engaged friends to help them find some worthy additions to their trousseau as their personal shopper/enabler, if you will

One of the most frequently requested items is the bridal jumpsuit - whether it be for the rehearsal dinner or to change into at the reception. As someone whose closet holds equal amounts dresses to rompers/jumpsuits, I can attest to the fact that there's something about rocking pants on the bottom that alters the chemical composition of the noggin. Just knowing you can freely give in to every impulse to squat, bend over, break out into the fire hydrant move on the dance floor or what have you, releases endorphins into the bloodstream. How does the saying go? Ah yes - happy is the bride whose legs have free mobility.