Everybody Must Get Stoned -With Addison Weeks, That is

Today's a holiday, and nothing gets me more jazzed than an excuse to get festive and in the spirit. But being the nonconformist-who-enjoys-a-good-play-on-words that I am, I've opted to celebrate in a non-traditional (and healthier and legal) way: getting gem-stoned (cue the crickets).

Throw all notions of how cheesy/lame I can be aside and instead focus on our headliner, Addison Weeks, makers of some of the most fab jewelry and home-ware in the game. Launched by Lee Lesley and Kat Mulford in 2012, the brand offers an array of pieces made of handcrafted brass and semiprecious stones that can give you and your bar cart that extra pizzazz you've been needing in your life.  

So why am I such a fan? Because for gals like moi who feel a need for accessorizing-speed, it can be tough to find pieces that work just as well in the office as on the weekends - but Addison Weeks jewelry fits the mold. If you've ever been in the "I need to spruce up this white shirt and black blazer ASAP before someone mistakes me for someone who takes herself too seriously" dilemma, then you know what I'm talkin' bout. So why is Oprah such a fan (yes, they made the list of her favorite things - which is probably all I needed to say but we all know I can't mute myself)? Because the pieces look like fine jewelry with a costume jewelry price point and they "add tasteful glamour to your everyday outfits" (she always does say it best).  

If Oprah, Gayle and I are all on the Addison Weeks bandwagon, I'm not quite sure what you're waiting for.