Q: Can you find me a graduation dress? A: Can you like, not remind me of how old I am?

Today's post is aging me just a lil' bit - a decade, to be precise. I graduated from my all-gals Catholic school, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, just shy of ten years ago and in about a month my youngest sister will do the same. Talk about livin' the "but where has the time gone?! a 10 year reunion - how could this be?!" cliche - someone get this wannabe millennial a hot tub time machine.

There are endless things I can say about my dearest alma mater. But for the sake of retaining readership, I'll narrow it to the two most important points, sparknote style (since we're in high school mode, after all): 1) Lourdes is where I met my soul sistas and some of my BFFAE and 2) Lourdes is where I learned how to use Photoshop (all credit goes to Ms. Martinez for suggesting I bow out of AP Economics for a class I could - what's a good term here - comprehend a lil' betta - Digital Imaging). So, in a way, my high school is responsible for this post/blog even existing, while at the same time being the inspiration behind it today (like, whoa). 

The graduation regalia required at Lourdes is a white dress and while I (oddly enough) never questioned why, I'll chalk it up to a combo of symbolism (representing our pure-hearted, angelic selves) and practicality (the graduation robe is white). I'm proud to report my a-line eyelet Milly SS '07 number that I rocked with pomp and circumstance is still hanging in my closet. So when when my Yale-bound sister (casual) asked me to help her find some options, I did what every overbearing older sister would do: I made a post with some strong suggestions (should be an exclusive list of options but what do I know - I only have a decade of wisdom to impart). Ahem - all honor goes to you, dear Lourdes Academy. 

Top (from left to right): Stevie May// Cinq a Sept// Three Floor// Edit// Alexis// Maje 
Bottom (from left to right): Rebecca Taylor// Stevie May// Derek Lam 10 Crosby// Rebecca Taylor// Black Halo