Meta Monday: Karen Mabon

As if Monday's aren't a big enough headache already, I present a collage of scarves that are themselves collages. We goin' meta level today because these scarves, the works of Scottish artist Karen Mabon, are what my little aspiring collage-blogger dreams are made of. They're the kind of find that induce audible "oh-ma-gewrd"s because the magicians who conjure up the Insta-feed algorithms that lead me to such discoveries have done their job, and they've done it well. 

Karen Mabon's scarves portray whimsical illustrated montages that evoke (in her own wise words) a "sense of dreamlike familiarity and nostalgia." A fitting description for the "Unhealthy" scarf, which depicts the dangerous combination of champagne, donuts, cigarettes and dancing that we're arguably all quite familiar with from time to time (and that time is Friday, folks). The "Bedroom Floor" scarf is another winner because it teleports you back to the 90's - you suddenly find yourself in your childhood bedroom, surrounded by beanie babies and lava lamps, with not a care in the world besides what hunky automated voice will answer your call on Dream Phone.

In an interview Mabon noted she has "started to notice that the kind of people who buy [her] work buy it because it resonates with them on a personal level." No truer words were ever spoken. I felt so inclined to snag the "Robber in a Sweet Shop" scarf after it spoke to my candy-fiend, sugar-addicted self on a deeply, deeply personal level. I'll venture to say I also feel a connection with Karen the artist, who admits: "I exaggerate everything and my work grows arms and legs too." My itty-bitty blogger arms and legs are still growing, but one things fa sho - my Karen Mabon-decked neck is ready to par-tay