A Texas-Style Easter Hunt

Because in Texas we aren't just on the hunt for eggs. And because I've been blessed with a mother in law that makes the field look like a red carpet. And because this Miami-native sticks to the philosophy that lookin' the part is just as impressive as actin' the part. And because... good #friyay

Tan Hat - Biltmore// Cream Mirrored Sunglasses - Madewell// Embroidered Green Shirt - Sandrine Rose// Tan Jeans - Paige// Orange Panama Hat - Albertus Swanepol/ Tortoise & Yellow Sunglasses - Madewell// Shooting Shirt - King Ranch Saddle Shop// Dark Camo Jeans - Hudson// Monogram Camo Jacket - Mariella Vilar// Orange Vest - King Ranch Saddle Shop// Orange Felt Hat - Forever 21// Yellow Sunglasses - Madewell// Green Shirt - Splendid// Light Camo Jeans - True Religion// Sand Hat - Biltmore// Tortoise & Blue Sunglasses - Madewell// Mexican Shirt - Mi Golondrina// Green Jeans - Paige// Snake Boots - Chippewa// Rubber Boots - Le Chameau// Belts - Zilker// Scarves - Hermes via The Real Real (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), Lipstick - Tom Ford (Wild Ginger), Rose Water Spray - Herbivore