Q: Why are pastel-colored gowns so hard to find? A: Challenge accepted

In just less than a month (23 days to be exact but whose counting), I have the great honour of being a part of my cousin's (cuz-from-my-huz-band) wedding. This particular bride-to-be is one of those rare breeds who trusts her bridal party enough to give them their choice in gown (no, I wasn't even that chill) - her only request was to keep it solid and to keep it pastel. 

When you get marching orders from a gal who gives you major closet envy on the reg, you don't want to drop the ball (and not just because its a kinda-big-deal occasion) - partly because you want to confirm her faith in you was well-placed and partly to put in some effort to look half as good as the stunning surroundings - but mostly because you want to make her as happy as she makes you (the beauty of sisterhood, y'all).

And is there anything more happy than a gaggle of girls dressed in light hues watching one of their besties live out her dream day? Based on the times I've been fortunate enough to be part of the gaggle, I can assure you there isn't.