Bebidas on the Brain

Its not everyday you meet an institution whose ambiance alone inspires your wardrobe. But its also not everyday (especially for this downtown Houston resident) that you're so plagued with indecision you voluntarily put yourself on a temporary liquid diet, consisting of a green juice (hello miss healthy), a fruit smoothie (just call me the smoothie qween), an almond milk latte (ya know, the reg), and a side order of matcha (all the cool kids are doing it). This liquid diet lasts until you flip the menu over and have a minor panic, since you're subsequently forced to decide between your choice of breakfast taco (eggs for days), avocado toast (ptbb = proud to be basic), an acai bowl (si, si, si) or a havarti & cheddar grilled cheese (when you're really feelin' naughty). 

This is just a teaser pleaser of the drinks and bites offered at Bebidas, our neighborhood River Oaks juice/coffee bar, started by the folks behind Adair Kitchen. If you haven't been yet, you must. go. now. Or wait until tonight, when they host their Wednesday night food truck dinner in ze garden.

One of their smoothies is named after the goddess of fruit headdresses herself - Carmen Miranda. I'm channeling the Brazilian bombshell in this post, while debating whether or not to Favor that chicken salad sammy to my desk (pretzel bun = worth it). 

Gingham Dress - Asos// Gumball Drop Earrings - Suzanna Dai// Fruit Hat - Valdez// Fruit Sunglasses - Shoptiques// Fruit Hoop Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Gingham Top - The Reformation// Magenta Shorts - Paper London// Off the Shoulder Dress - Isolda// Fruit Headband - Etsy// Citrus Swimsuit - Stella McCartney// Chiquita Banana Heels - Charlotte Olympia// White Halter Dress - Isolda// White Fruit Dress - Anthropologie// Fruit Cat Flats - Charlotte Olympia// Black Dress - Victoria Beckham