Promiscuous Pajamas: Dawson+Hellmann

I adhere to the motto that a sound mind alone does not bring sound sleep - one also needs pretty pajamas. Enter Dawson+Hellmann, a bold sleepwear line that creates PJs and sheets in three promiscuous prints: Pot Toile, Pills Wallpaper, and Kama Sutra

These jammies are comfortable (made of light, easy breathing cotton), pair well with a fluffy duvet, and are expertly engineered to generate that feeling of floating on your mattress cloud. But the best part about them is their claim to fame: a really good sense of humor. The designs are almost like a photomosaic print - from a distance, you only see a beautiful damask design or botanical and french toile patterns. Only a discerning eye can pick up on the details that push the envelope, which (let's get real) depict elements that probably play a role in most of our getting-ready-for-good-sleep routines. 

Over the holidays I had the pleasure of meeting one of the masterminds behind the brand, Sonya Dawson, and became a proud owner of a pair shortly thereafter (I'll leave which print I chose up to your wild and crazy imaginations). So this write-up is the real deal, y'all. The PJs deserve an honorable mention. 'Getcha some!

And don't even get me started on their embroidered sheet sets (I'm obsessed with the Get Lucky ones below) - also subtle, beautiful, and right up your alley (if you're as fun and cool as I think you are).