Little Miss Artsy

Got an event at an art museum? A wedding, perhaps? Well as with all wedding-related anything, Over the Moon (and me, sometimes) have you covered with some looks that match the walls. Check out the post here

Blueberry Lantern Bag - Mlouye// Diamonds are Forever Earrings - Jennifer Loiselle 

It's a Nice Day for a Black Wedding

The dilemma of all dilemmas: your favorite color is black, but you don't want people to think your soul is just as dark. What to do, what to do. I'll tell you what to do - check out the collage I made for Over the Moon's post on How to Wear Black to a Wedding (without looking like you're going to a funeral) and consider you're ebony troubles solved. 

Beaded Clutch - Mali Parmi// Jumpsuit - Seren London// Blue Flower Earrings - Ken Samudio

Thanksgiving Fast Forward

Today I am doing this thing where I'm cognitively placing myself at the end of November in an effort to have a little taste of the mental release that awaits me. So, as I indulge myself in this bizarro exercise, here are a few of the relatively-not-so-important things I will be thankful for: completed assignments, met deadlines, and finished to-do lists. I know this talk of being busy is getting old (together with my general appearance), but if you add a fun Thanksgiving outfit (and entertainment goodies - hello Rebecca Gardner where have you been my whole life?) like these to the mix then you'll want to fast forward too. 

Party Crackers - Rebecca Gardner// Dinner Plate - Rebecca Gardner// Enamel Place Holder Set - Rebecca Gardner

How to (Enjoy the) Hunt: Cloche Designs

There's no party like a Cloche Designs party. So when they created a "Home from the Hunt" themed dinner party (peep the details below), I brought back this hunting-themed post and wrote a lil' somethin' to celebrate my new excuse to partake in Texas' favorite pastime. Check it out here

Tan Hat - Biltmore// Shooting Shirt - King Ranch Saddle Shop// Monogram Camo Jacket - Mariella Vilar// Orange Vest - King Ranch Saddle Shop//  Sand Hat - Biltmore// Mexican Shirt - Mi Golondrina// Belts - Zilker// Lipstick - Tom Ford (Wild Ginger)


Q: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding? A: Don't Leave the Color at Home

Don't miss some looks I styled for Over the Moon's piece, Dress Code Deciphered: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Lips Earrings - Jennifer Loiselle