The Mean Reds

For those that je ne sais pas, the Mean Reds are a more severe, progressed form of the January Blues. The difference between the two mental states is best described by the one who coined the term, Holly Golightly: "the blues are because you're getting fat and maybe it's been raining too long, you're just sad that's all. The mean reds are horrible." Horrible! 

Just as horrible as getting back from a work trip on Wednesday to find your car covered in a frozen sheet and having to (blindly) drive into the garage to blow dry the windshield until the ice melted (true story). Well it seems Over the Moon predicted my longing to go vacationing would turn into a full blown take-me-to-an-island fervor when they asked me to pick some getaway garb. Check out the article here and take an escape (albeit a mental one) by getting a jump start on some summa shopping.  

Panama Hats - Sensi Studio// Beaded Flats - Zara

January Blues

The Houston weather forecast calls for a high of 32° low of 23° today, with “snow showers” predicted mid-day. It also snowed here before Christmas (for first time in 10 years!), but that’s different, because anything in anticipation of Christmas is different. The only magic I associate with today’s likely precipitation is its ability to leave me with a desperate longing to escape. This phenomenon is what I dub the January Blues, hence today’s collage and hence why I’m considering making today’s happy hour order a piña colada (find your beach, people). 

Marvelous MLK Plans: Binge-Watch Mrs. Maisel

Netflix & Chill? More like Amazon & Wake-Up-Wishing-You-Were-An-Aspiring-1950s-Comedian. My pals at Over the Moon asked me to make a collage inspired by the Golden Globe-winning show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. "Doing my research" ended up with me finishing Season 1 in less than three days, contemplating whether it was a mistake to never try stand-up, and seriously considering incorporating a pill-box hat into my wardrobe (what is the next themed party on my horizon?). 

I won't go into the details of the show since OTM gives a better teaser-pleaser than I could, but I will say the series deserves the hype. It gives me all the good Mad Men vibes without the why-is-the-only-female-who-stands-a-chance-annoying-Peggy-Olson? aftertaste (sorry, Elizabeth Moss doesn't do 50's for me the way she slays in Gilead - blessed be her fruit). So if you didn't have MLK weekend plans before, consider yourself booked & hooked.  

Getting Cozy with Cloche

As a pseudo-adult, I approach taking down Christmas decorations the first week of January in much the same way I approached getting shots at the doctor’s office as a child: make it quick, don’t think about it, and know that no matter what you do, you will hate every second of it. Also, don’t be ashamed to cry a little bit.

So when I read Cloche team member Laura Nell Burton’s blog post on the roller coaster of emotion that was decorating and un-decorating her personal Christmas tree when she was a child, I said a whole bunch of mental “amen, gurl”-s. But more to the point, her words consoled me in much the same way a fancy Lisa Frank band-aid would post-shot as a young tot/preteen, because they introduced me to the possibility of believing in January-love-after-Christmas-love.

By repurposing Christmas trees as a January “Dinner in the Woods” party décor, the genius that is Laura Nell gave some beloved Douglas Firs one last hurrah – a victory lap, if you will. Read about her one-man’s-old-tree-is-a-fab-party-planner’s-treasure experience here, and how the winter wonderland can continue even after Santa calls it a night. The event had no shortage of signature Cloche touches: beautiful centerpieces made by hand, on-theme bites & cocktails, sentimental surprises, and an overall fabulous aesthetic. The “fur, flats, and flannel” dress code of the party inspired this collage, which in turn has also inspired me to embrace every opportunity for cozy-celebrations this month has to offer.

Pink Geometric Earrings - Oscar De La Renta// Faux Fur Bag - STAUD Clothing// Tweed Flats - Zara// 

Bomb Cyclone-Resistant Wedding Wear

Rain or shine or dramatically named snow storm, the show must go on. And if the show happens to be a wedding and if you're unsure of how to bundle and get gussied up at the same time, check out the outfits I sourced for Over the Moon and their tips on What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Winder Wedding.jpg

Green Lantern Bag - Mlouye// Bird Earrings - Mignonne Gavigan// Velvet Jumpsuit - Staud Clothing// Flower Minaudiere - Zara