I'm Back! Meet The Nat Note

 Guess whose back….. back again.

It was only a matter of time before I really started to miss the blogging thing. Turns out that time coincided nicely with my maternity leave – and I am so, so grateful that you stuck with me as I took a little hiatus to figure it all out.

 What I have figured out is that in order to do it all (mom, work, blog) I had to do something to streamline the content and commentary. What resulted is a new concept: The Nat Note, a newsletter delivering ready-to-shop styles for your wardrobe, kids & home. Think of it like a virtual post-it note from yours truly, with the products that have caught my eye each week.

Check out the party at www.thenatnote.com. Yes, it’s different and simpler and slightly nerdy since it’s thrown by a newbie trying to be a “cool mom,” but it’s a party nonetheless – and you’re always invited. Hope you’ll stick around!