Up With a Twist: Molly Moorkamp

In case you missed it, yesterday Molly Moorkamp launched her direct-to-consumer line. Moorkamp is a NYC-based designer who had up until now focused exclusively on custom womenswear. But all that changed yesterday with the debut of her first ready-to-wear collection, now available to purchase online - and just in time for the holidays.

Perhaps you are like me, and (too) often catch yourself pretending to be a Palm Springs mademoiselle of yesteryear, prepping for yet another cocktail party with a martini in hand, Sinatra on the record player, and hairspray within arm’s reach. This daydream comes to life with Moorkamp’s pieces - the perfect wardrobe for such a repeat fantasy scenario. The perfectly tailored shift dresses and coats hark back to a time that (if perhaps you are like me) I feared was lost forever - a time when your gentleman caller opens your car door, offers to take your coat, and brings you a cocktail in a coupe glass - and not just because someone is documenting it for their Insta story (or dare I say it - waiting for you to cheers them for a boomerang). It’s a time that is not extinct - and thanks to Moorkamp - has resurrected with more color, style, and polish this time around.

All it takes is one look at Moorkamp’s paillette-embellished cigarette pants and I’m confident your faith in classic occasion dressing will be restored. The Edie Sedgwicks, Catherine Deneueves and Tippi Hedrens of the world are not dead and gone - they are alive and well, they remain fashion icons, and they are wearing Molly Moorkamp.

Shop the Molly Moorkamp Holiday 2018 Collection here.