The Technicolor Dream Clutch: Sarah Sharp

It's high time you learn about Sarah Sharp Leatherwood and her magical, multicolored, mexi-inspired clutches. Just like all the things they bring to mind (rainbows, your last trip to psychedelic city, your Latino unicorn Twinkle Tamarindo), these accessories also carry a bit of superpowers. Sarah partners with artisans around the world to source all the materials and a percentage of the proceeds from each purchase supports local and global non-profit organizations (don't blame the girl for being an overachiever - she's a fellow TFA alum so she can't help it). In fact, Sarah Sharp was conceived out of a desire to mix the designer's undergrad fashion studies with her passion for educational and employment equality - and I think we can all agree the world is a better and brighter place because of her brainchild. 

It goes without saying (but I'mma let me finish) that companies that effectively integrate a charitable dimension to their retail modus operandi are my favorites, since they circumvent the buy-what-you-need-not-what-you-want game I make feeble attempts to play. When a purchase not only gives you what you want, but also gives others what they need, it's justified (period. end of story. throw away the receipt).  But what makes Sarah Sharp a cut above the rest is that the clutches are really cute, made well and by hand, and exactly what you've been missing your whole life but didn't know until this moment. 

I paid a visit to the Sarah Sharp headquarters (which, b-t-dubs, has all the over-the-rainbow vibes you'd think it would) a couple weeks ago and got way overwhelmed with all the options. So Sarah tugged on my little-bitty heartstrings when she suggested I consider making a custom clutch out of a fabric of my choosing. From the enchanted wall of Peruvian blankets (stacks on deck, y'all) I selected my fabric after what seemed like a 15 min. monologue of asking myself what my favorite color is (at age 27 one easily forgets such things) and then picked the fixin's (zipper color, liner color, leather color, etc.).

Ta-da! Here's my baby - ain't she pretty? Oh the adventures we will go on together. Next on the to-do list is to order some custom Sarah Sharp pillows for my couch (what's my favorite color again?).   

Q: What do I wear to a Contemporary-Mexican Themed Party? A: To better your chances of survival, go all out

There's something in the San Antonio water that gets you dreamin' and schemin' of all the vibrant and festive Tex-Mex-themed ensembles you can whip together. I liken it to a type of human mimicry, which (for those fungus-among-us who didn't overdose on Animal Planet as undergrads) is the term for the resemblance of one organism to another or to an object in its surroundings for concealment or protection from predators. Here, the better and brighter and more jovial the outfit, the better your chances of ensuring your Marg is always refilled, the Mariachis play yo' song, and your queso bowl never goes empty - aka survival in Texas. 

The next Alamo City shin-dig on the agenda is Artpace's annual party, The Happening, a yearly gala celebrating San Antonio's "laboratory of dreams," a nonprofit art gallery that doubles as an art lab and community center for contemporary artists. This year's theme is "Contemporary Art of Mexico City," which aims to honor the strong presence of artists and architects from Mexico who have passed through Artpace’s programs (more info below). I look forward to this event every year because the magic of gathering a bunch of artsy-fartsy Texans together to par-tay is not lost on me: the conversation, the clothing, and the consumption (these are a few of my favorite things) is just that much more wild and colorful. Which brings me back to the dreamin' and schemin'...

Cactus Purse - Charlotte Olympia// Off the Shoulder Dress - Del Pozo// Pink Earrings - Ranjana Kahn// Green Shoes - Aquazzura// Flower Headband - Etsy// Black Eyelet Romper - Nightcap Clothing// Red Clutch - Cleobella// Pom Pom Bag - Serpui// Mexican Slides - Schutz// Neon Cactus Earrings - Etsy// Strapless Dress - Del Pozo// Silver Pom Pom Clutch - Loeffler Randall// Cactus Wedges - Charlotte Olympia

To purchase tickets to the event, click  here . 

To purchase tickets to the event, click here

Rock the Sabah, Rock the Sabah

It's the weekend and it's going to be a real good one so I'm keeping it simple n' sweet. I attended a Sabah trunkshow at FOUND yesterday where I met the Sabah Dealer, who convinced me to jump on the Turkish slipper bandwagon. Jump I did, and I haven't looked back since - I suggest you do the same. Stitched by the hands of Gaziantep craftsmen, each pair has the style, durability and comfort to become your everyday-for-ma-whole-life shoe. I know the rose colored ones I treated myself to will be just that - go getcha' some (deets below). 

Shoes - Sabah// Pants - J. Crew// Top - Mango// Sunglasses - Celine// Bag - Shuviluna

S/S '17 Collection trunkshow goes on at FOUND (3433 W Alabama St.) today (3/24) & tomorrow (3/25) from 11-5. 

When My Past Meets My Present...

... I get inspired. Which is exactly what happened when the Adiós Utopia: Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950 exhibit landed in none other than my (new) backyard - the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH). On view until May 21st, it showcases works in different mediums by more than 50 Cuban artists. Each piece is presented chronologically and portrays representations of how the promise of Utopia was conceived, birthed and extinguished on the island my family traces its roots to (de donde crece la palma, people). Having never visited, my only real relationship is with the idea of Cuba: my father's and grandparents' birthplace, the setting of their childhood memories and passed down stories, and the place they will never return to. I am quite literally the fruit of their disillusionment with Utopia and am the better for it - so ex-squeeze me for having a "ermahgerd this really speaks to me" moment over here. 

And while I can go a hundred and one different directions with this post (to talk about my BAMF grandparents? the linguistic mystery that is the Spanglish spoken by a native Miamian? the pickle you find yourself in when you marry a Texan and make two sets of wedding invites - one on Cuban time, one on the-rest-of-the-world time?), I choose to save that drama for another day (hey!) and mimic the artistic performance with one of my own. And with the world wide web of retail as my paint, my shopping addiction as my paintbrush, and Adiós Utopia as my canvas - I give you three looks that fit a Cuban Cocktail dress code with como se dice chispa? (a word a day). 

Tania Bruguera, Estadística (Statistics), 1995–2000, cardboard, human hair, and fabric.

Palm Top - Moda Zeta// Pants - Isolda// Earrings - ACB// Tortoise Clutch - Tuckernuck//
Red Flats - Aquazzura 

Raúl Martínez, Sin título (Untitled), 1969–70, oil on canvas. 

Woven Purse in Plexiglass - 711// White Crochet Top & Pants - Mara Hoffman// Fringe Pink Sandals - Moschino// Palm Tree Earrings - Lucy Folk// Wood Sunglasses - Panamera

Raúl Corrales, La caballería (Cavalry), 1960, gelatin silver print. 

Crop Top - Del Pozo// Pineapple Culottes - House of Holland// Drop Earrings - J. Crew// Cigar Box Purse - eBay// Raffia Heels - Dolce & Gabbana

For those especially interested, MFAH is offering a series of tours, concerts and shows related to the exhibit - get all the deets you need here

Cuckoo for Culottes

Don't think you're cool enough to pull off the monochromatic modernistic look (yes I just made that up), with all its purposeful tailoring, minimal detailing and graphic silhouettes? Think again. Culottes have officially made a comeback and I'm welcoming them - however long this style ride lasts for - with open arms (bienvenido a mis piernas). And if you're in the market for a pair, Kick Pleat is where I'll send ya. 

Austin-based boutique Kick Pleat opened a River Oaks store last November and it brought with it just what H-Town needed: carefully curated, quality pieces by up and coming designers (Rachel Comey, A Piece Apart, Jesse Kamm, Isa Arfen, etc.) you won't find (in person) anywhere else. Here you'll encounter all the high-waisted, wide-legged trousers and beautiful, billowy blouses to pair them with your heart desires. Finding a way to make this look for you may be a bit daunting at first, but once you allow yourself to become enlightened to 1) how versatile these pieces can be (dress up, dress down, mix and match - aka use an item of clothing more than just a few times before gettin' sick of it), 2) how pairing these styles with a bold accessory can totally transform your look into a work of art (insert Italian chef kissing fingers motion here) and 3) how dang chic you look wearing them - you be drinking the kool-aid in no time. 

While doing my research on some of these labels, I stumbled upon these words by Jesse Kamm: "I believe we are on this spinning rock for a short time, so do what you love, and do it well."  That hits me where it hurts in a plethora of places - but it also leaves us with some wisdom to apply to today's post: culottes may only be around for a little while, but the love of not wearing tight white jeans in the Texas humidity will last longer - so wear them, and wear them well

Gold Earrings - ACB// Black Off the Shoulder Top - Rachel Comey// Orange Culottes - Jesse Kamm// Red Lucite Bangle - Lizzie Fortunato// Embroidered Clutch - Lizzie Fortunato// Red Tassel Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Bow Off the Shoulder Top - Isa Arfen// Navy Culottes - Samuji// Black and Gold Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Black Ruffle Top - Creatures of Comfort// Yellow Pants - Isa Arfen// Pink Lucite Bangle - Lizzie Fortunato// Pom Pom Mules - Rachel Comey