The Technicolor Dream Clutch: Sarah Sharp

It's high time you learn about Sarah Sharp Leatherwood and her magical, multicolored, mexi-inspired clutches. Just like all the things they bring to mind (rainbows, your last trip to psychedelic city, your Latino unicorn Twinkle Tamarindo), these accessories also carry a bit of superpowers. Sarah partners with artisans around the world to source all the materials and a percentage of the proceeds from each purchase supports local and global non-profit organizations (don't blame the girl for being an overachiever - she's a fellow TFA alum so she can't help it). In fact, Sarah Sharp was conceived out of a desire to mix the designer's undergrad fashion studies with her passion for educational and employment equality - and I think we can all agree the world is a better and brighter place because of her brainchild. 

It goes without saying (but I'mma let me finish) that companies that effectively integrate a charitable dimension to their retail modus operandi are my favorites, since they circumvent the buy-what-you-need-not-what-you-want game I make feeble attempts to play. When a purchase not only gives you what you want, but also gives others what they need, it's justified (period. end of story. throw away the receipt).  But what makes Sarah Sharp a cut above the rest is that the clutches are really cute, made well and by hand, and exactly what you've been missing your whole life but didn't know until this moment. 

I paid a visit to the Sarah Sharp headquarters (which, b-t-dubs, has all the over-the-rainbow vibes you'd think it would) a couple weeks ago and got way overwhelmed with all the options. So Sarah tugged on my little-bitty heartstrings when she suggested I consider making a custom clutch out of a fabric of my choosing. From the enchanted wall of Peruvian blankets (stacks on deck, y'all) I selected my fabric after what seemed like a 15 min. monologue of asking myself what my favorite color is (at age 27 one easily forgets such things) and then picked the fixin's (zipper color, liner color, leather color, etc.).

Ta-da! Here's my baby - ain't she pretty? Oh the adventures we will go on together. Next on the to-do list is to order some custom Sarah Sharp pillows for my couch (what's my favorite color again?).