A Royal Honeymoon

Happy MDW, my peoples. Hopefully you all are chilling out, maxin' & relaxin' all cool somewhere that would call for a wardrobe like this one.

But just in case you're spending this Monday wondering what the Duchess of Sussex would be packing for her eventual honeymoon getaway (because who isn't?), Over the Moon and I have done the leg work (or rather, click-and-shop work) for you. Which leads me to wonder who the mail-receiver at Nottingham Cottage is and if Meg has a deal worked out with him to hide packages from Harry. Not because I may or may have not have taken advantage of these MDW sales, but just because I'm wondering, ya know... 

Royal Wedding Buzz

There's just no escaping it this weekend. All the more reason to start following (if you haven't alreadyOver the Moon, wedding blog numero uno, as it details any and every Royal Wedding-related moment. These collages are a product of my dreaming up different looks for the soon-to-be Princess Meghan with OTM, which has cataloged the fashion of the monarchs - both present and future - here.

Truth be told, guessing what Markle will be wearing tomorrow makes me feel like I'm taking a multiple choice test, and no amount of preparation will suffice. I blame this stress-inducing Town & Country article and the fact that I'll have to set my alarm for 2:00 am (ermergawd what if I sleep through it?!) to prep my tea & biscuits and catch all the action. If you plan on doing the same, know you're not alone. In solidarity, mates. 

What I'm Wearing to the Royal Wedding

I'm usually not one to reveal an outfit before debuting it at the special occasion (so mysterious), but I'll bend the rules for Over the Moon. So since you're all just dy-ing to know what I'll be wearing to the Royal Wedding this month, here are my looks. Never one to outdo the bride, I have four outfit-changes planned... in my dreams... as I watch from my sofa. 

Flower Pearl Gold Earrings - Ana Mari Ortega// Lilac Metallic Poppy Bag - Freya Brand// Jean Lizard Green Clutch - Edie Parker