Amongst the Flowers

If I were a betting woman I'd say you have some weddings to attend before the summer season comes to a close. The chances said nuptials will incorporate an outdoor venue are high, as is the likelihood that summertime blooms will be in abundance. So how very appropo for Over the Moon to orchestrate my putting together some garden wedding looks so that you're guaranteed to be a rose among the roses at your next outdoor fête.

6 Drop Ombre Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel// Floral Dress - Love Shack Fancy// Slate Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Ivory Flower Earring - Nicola Bathie

Amapola @ Bebidas

I'm blessed to have many a talented cuzzin-from-my-huzban', one of which is the face, hands, and eyes behind the beautiful bouquet-delivery & flower-arrangement brand Amapola.  Amapola is San Antonio-based, but will soon be offering seasonal flower delivery to all major Texas cities.  The bouquets are romantic and whimsical - the perfect centerpieces for your summatime dinner parties and festive fandangos.

This Saturday, Amapola is stopping in Houston (deets below!) to host a flower arrangement workshop at Bebidas, mi favorito juice & coffee bar (was I there this morning? maybe... if maybe means yes).  Come create your own arrangement while sippin' on a smoothie - or just come sneak a peek from afar. The vibes, flora, and food will be on point  - as will be the girl who will surely be covered in pollen and hopped up on too much caffeine (me). 

Lemon Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Lemon Clutch - Tuckernuck


Feeling Floral

Maybe it's the natural consequence of passing the last few days in sunny, pristine Palm Beach or maybe it's a Houston homecoming to gloomy 37° weather - but whatever the cause - I'm feelin' these florals. 

Interested in the wicker fanny pack? Me too. Stay tuned for details on my best friend's new line of chic wicker bags - coming pronto! 

Floral Jumpsuit - Alice McCall// Raffia Flower Earrings - Aerin x Mercedes Salazar// Bahia Basket - Pamela Munson// Lips Clutch - Lola Basso