Fall Formal

Now that it’s mid-October, I don’t think I’m pushing the envelope when I say, it’s fall, y’all. Just kidding - I don’t say that (out loud). Inspired by the colors of this season’s foliage and the formals you’re bound to have on your upcoming agendas, I whipped together this collage for Over the Moon.

Tassel Earrings - Suzanna Dai// Caged Bag - Zara

Red October

I thought I was prett-ay prett-ay clever coming up with this Red October themed collage, and was even going to to go to great lengths to make a drawn out analogy, likening the glamorous-yet ominous vibes I get from crimson and red to the espionage thriller novel-turned-movie. But alas, it appears Kanye beat me to it (such a fashionista) with his (apparently) much-coveted Red October Air Yeezys. Great minds think alike maybe? Except I take issue with the claim ‘Ye has a great mind…

Pink Ostrich Clutch - Calin NY// Heart Hoop Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel// Crossbody Bag - Zara

Sweater Weather

This morning my husband ran upstairs to tell me there is a cold front coming this week with the same enthusiasm I used to tell my mom I got a 100% on a spelling test back in the day. Perhaps we were both still on a high from celebrating our exotic shorthair’s third birthday (happy birthday dearest Bobo! - since you’re *obviously* reading this), but we welcome a dip in temperature with wide open arms. Even so, this collage may be getting a little ahead of myself - but then again, that’s kinda my m.o..

Cobalt Suede Clutch - Calin NYC

Witchy Business

Rabbit, rabbit! There’s something that really tickles my OCD-pickle about having a new month start on a Monday. And when that month is October, I’m extra fired up.

Yesterday brought a moment of self-reflection, during which I realized I am becoming (if I wasn’t already) the Clark Griswold of Halloween. As I (very pregnant-ly) climbed on a step stool to drape a fake spiderweb on my windows, I was almost too busy imagining (our very first!) trick-or-treaters to listen to my husband remark, “so we’re going to be those neighbors that really get into the holidays, huh?” Yes, my dear, we are - and you best believe I didn’t just wear black to work today because it’s slimming.

Pleated Scarf - Zara

Ready, Set... Fall

It happens just like that… you roll into the office on Monday, open your email, and think “wowza it’s already October next week.” Which also means it’s already time for leather, sparkles, and some foresty greens. If you need a visual, just picture me (loudly) stating, “let the fall dressing BEGIN!” from a corporate office, just in earshot of some confused lawyers (who hopefully chalk it up to my pregnancy hormones causing temporary loss of sanity - but we know that ain’t the case).

Gold Heels - Inez