In Defense of Bag Ladies Everywhere: Cuyana + Brian Kaspr

Bag Lady. Just the term (much like Cat Lady, which I also feel compelled to defend (excuse me for loving God's creatures!!!), but more on that another day) carries negative connotations. Whether the bags are literal and filled with junk or metaphorical and filled with feelings, you don't want to be a bag lady, or one who "frequently says "sha-na-na-na" during her travels" (according to Urban Dictionary). 

In my personal and very fortunate circumstance, bag lady is what my mother-dearest calls me when she sees I have acquired another purse, tote, clutch, or watcha-ma-call-it to store my belongings on my person. If someone has ever told you something along the lines of, "the last thing you need is another bag," then I'm afraid you're a bag lady too. But stop reading this instant if you think this is some sort of self-help piece to assist in disassociating yourself with the label. Continue reading if you want a slightly deranged yet uplifting mini-manifesto on a celebration of self: a celebration of being a bag lady.

For what better way is there to honor your bag lady ways than adding a new member to your bag band? From one B.L. to another, my recommendation this Thursday is Cuyana: makers of high quality, soft-as-butta leather goods. Pioneers in the "lean closet" movement (their motto is "fewer, better things"), Cuyana designs products that are so versatile and so practical that they'll be closet staples forever (maybe there is some self-help to this, after all). But wait - it get's better - because there's a human out there by the name of Brian Kaspr, a designer/letterer/painter whose skills take any-leather-anything to another level. His online shop offers orders for custom designs as well as some rad patches (oh yes you do need some stinkin' patches). 

You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Or should I say what I thought - because these forces combined made for a tote that ranks supreme in my bag lady book (see below). Gone be the days of bag ladies anonymous! 

A combo made in bag lady heaven: Cuyana's classic leather tote + some personalization pizzazz courtesy of Brian Kaspr.