It's Weezie Baby

There are few things that are as encouraging to me as a girl boss success story. Call it female solidarity or reverse sexism (trigger words !!!) or what have you - but hearing of women who are able to actualize their ideas is inspiring and leaves me with a “you go gurl” sense of gusto. And when these goal-goddesses (yes, I just coined that) are your amigas, it’s all the more exciting.

Enter Weezie Towels, a brand of luxurious-yet-affordable customizable towels, expertly designed to be the perfect size, feel, and look. Duo Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson launched Weezie earlier this month and have already broken the type-towel-in-your-search-engine internet (if there were such a thing). But the hype is real and well deserved, because the towels check all the boxes: soft, absorbent, custom embroidery options, hypoallergenic, fluffy, economical, did I mention fluffy?, etc. The list goes on - but the result is a towel that leaves you happy to not just see your bathroom, but actually use it, which is an impressive feat, indeed.

Can you be a repeat customer of a brand that only launched a couple weeks ago? Me thinks you can. I started with a set of hand towels for our guest bathroom and a set of bath towels monogrammed with baby’s initials … and then they arrived. I quickly fell in love, staged a photo shoot (with some help from the pro), and proceeded to order the navy make-up towels. As I type this, I have a starter pack (four bath towels, two hand towels) in my shopping cart because it just didn’t feel right to not have some for moi.

So there you have it - I’m a Weezie repeat offender, guilty as charged. Treat yourself to some Weezie towels and join me on the the not-dark, fluffy side.

All photos by Houston-based photographer,    Leah Walker Wilson   .

All photos by Houston-based photographer, Leah Walker Wilson.