Out of Office: Hawaii

Consider this my OOO for the next two weeks, because this baby mama is off to La La Land and Hawaii ! When travel plans were originally made, it was a work-transition trip; now, its a baby moon.

Blame the hormones or whatever is going on with my horoscope, but something about embarking on an adventure knowing it will be the *last time* its just me and husband (as in, just us two in this fam unit) has me feeling some type of way. Which is why my goal is to just take it all in, be present, and try to sear everything into memory before everything about pre-baby life gets swept up in the post-baby amnesia (oh and also try not to let the fact that I'll be looking like a beached whale instead of wearing any of these wish-I-could pack items bother me - that too). Aloha, amigos. 

Apricot Sunglasses - Illesteva