What's Black & White & Chic All Over?

You are, that's what.

I'm always drawn to colors, but that means I inevitably experience those moments where I ponder why my closet looks like it belongs to a clown instead of the elusive, figurative French girl (I mean has anyone actually met one of them? I certainly have not), who only dons solids (some stripes when she's feeling risk-ay) and only needs to keep 5 to 10 timeless, understated outfits on rotation to live her best ร  la mode life. I am no French girl - but I can appreciate a good black & white when I see it (with a tiny pop of color, bien sรปr). 

Printed Fabric Slides - Zara// Earrings - Johanna Ortiz// White Dress - Zara// Bow Mules - Johanna Ortiz