Frenvy-Inspired Fashion

Frenvy: the feeling of mingled happiness and jealousy caused by social media. 

I'm not here to belittle the very real and dangerous effect social media can and does have the mental well-being of its users. I'm here because I had a mild case of frenvy last week, caused by the most common of culprits: the business school friend. Perhaps you're no stranger to the jet-setting lifestyle these graduate students are #blessed with; I know the fact law school didn't leave me with any less passport pages (together with the other delights of pursuing a legal education) certainly left me in a moaning Myrtle-esque but-daddy-it's-not-fair state of mind.  

So needless to say, the South African adventures of a near and dear soon-to-be-MBA left me with mingled feelings of happiness and jealousy. But as any good psychiatrist would tell you (here is where I start making things up), the key to frenvy is to make something out of it: buy your own ticket, plan your own vacay, (or in my sad/delusional case) just imagine you're there too!  So this is what I packed - travel guide on the Western Cape soon to come! (just kidding, lolz)

Leopard Sandals - Zara// Green Dress - Whit// Black Fringe Sandals - Zara