Denim For Days

I have a distinct memory from fall of 2007: the setting is the first year dorms at the University of Virginia and center stage is my father, new to the dropping-daughter off at college thing, offering to help with the move-in/unpacking fandango. He is sweating (no air conditioning - tradition is kept alive at dear ole' UVA!) and appears bewildered as he pulls pair after pair of jeans out of a suitcase. He reaches a point of exasperation, at which he exclaims "how many pairs of jeans do you own?!" (that's the PG-version). From stage left enters the rest of my family (mom & sisters), who basically give him a few "where have you been this whole time, George?" lines. The scene ends, with the narrator's closing: "And that was the first and only time our protagonist helped move any of his daughters to college."

The girl (me) loves her denim. So when a friend recently asked me to style some casual, jean-friendly looks that could easily be incorporated in a day-to-day wardrobe, I thought genius! And then I thought, maybe I need another pair of jeans...  

Pink Blazer - Zara// Disc Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Fox Scarf - Sabina Savage// Suede Bag - Clare V.// Flower Tassel Earrings - Mercedes Salazar