Let's Rodeo, Darlin'

It's not lost on me how amusing it is for a Cuban-from-Miami to embrace the boot-scootin' Rodeo cowboy-culture with wiiiide open arms. Of course, I'm a huge noob (e.g. currently playing Garth in my cubicle on super low volume in attempt to proactively confront my nightmare of the .01% chance the cameras zoom in on me tonight while I look like this). 

But I can't help but lurve when the Rodeo comes to town for exactly that reason: it's amusing. It makes the month of March fly by, it provides me with ample opportunities to play dress up, and I get my fill of margarrrritas and fried anything. It gives me the perfect dose of cheesy, on-theme, yes-I-live-in-Texas-although-I-don't-know-the-words-to-these-songs vibes. And as I say with most things, walking the walk is good enough - especially if you're walking in some good botas!

Navy Boots - Miron Crosby// Scarf - Tuckernuck// Gun Earrings - Lola & Lina// Beaded Bag - Moyna// Star Boots - Miron Crosby// Cactus Earrings - Elizabeth Lanier Designs// Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Red Tassel Boots - Miron Crosby// Turquoise Studs - Mariquita Masterson// Red Boots - Miron Crosby// Gold Drop Earrings - Indian Summer Collection// Black Jeans - Industry Standard