Presidents' Day Edit

I thought it appropo to go a bit patriotic today - but only a bit. Don't worry, I'm not going political on you here - I'm just standing on my personal e-soap box and protesting the fact that I'm at the office. A cherry on top is the fact that the air conditioning is off in the building, and Houston has finally warmed up to 70ยฐ, which makes working from the 12th floor an absolutely (more so than usual) stifling experience. And I know you're absolutely thrilled to be reading me gripe on this blog - so I'll end with the hope that you're enjoying this long weekend, maybe on a beach somewhere, sweating (in a good way). 

Spiral Earrings - Mango// Polka Dot Heels - Zara// Skort - Zara// Mini Wicker Tote - Zara// Mini Red Tote Bag - Zara