Presidents' Day Edit

I thought it appropo to go a bit patriotic today - but only a bit. Don't worry, I'm not going political on you here - I'm just standing on my personal e-soap box and protesting the fact that I'm at the office. A cherry on top is the fact that the air conditioning is off in the building, and Houston has finally warmed up to 70°, which makes working from the 12th floor an absolutely (more so than usual) stifling experience. And I know you're absolutely thrilled to be reading me gripe on this blog - so I'll end with the hope that you're enjoying this long weekend, maybe on a beach somewhere, sweating (in a good way). 

Spiral Earrings - Mango// Polka Dot Heels - Zara// Skort - Zara// Mini Wicker Tote - Zara// Mini Red Tote Bag - Zara