I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid preggo-absorbed posts on here since my priority is to appeal to the masses, so to speak. But today is the exception because my UVA friend Suzie, founder of women’s health supplement company BINTO, and I are joining forces. It all started approximately seven months ago, somewhere in the midst of the “OMG I’m pregnant” moment, when I went through my (very) rudimentary checklist: no more alcohol… start taking vitamins… take it easy on the caffeine… no more alcohol…

As one does with college friends, I had stayed up to date with Suzie’s post-grad endeavors and knew she had started a company geared towards providing women with organic, personalized supplements to target their specific needs - from infertility, skin and digestive health to prenatals, energy issues, and overall health boosters. As I read and got overwhelmed by different reviews on prenatal vitamins, BINTO’s no one-size fits all philosophy appealed to me because it felt like I had a professional holding my hand during what seemed like a frantic time. Once the daily packets (so easy!) arrived and I started incorporating BINTO vitamins into my daily routine, those feelings of wtf-am-I-doing?! eventually morphed into a you-got-this, just-follow-your-new-to-do-list state of mind.

Fast forward to now… I’m 8 months pregnant and am so grateful to have experienced a relatively easy and go-with-the-flow pregnancy. That checklist I started back in March has totally upgraded (thanks to the help of many) into my daily wellness routine I shared with BINTO for its Medicine Cabinet Series. Feeling happy and healthy these past months have no doubt helped me (and baby!) get to where we are now, which is a different kind of frantic, omg-he’ll-be-here-soon-what-do-I-do?! state of mind. But it’s a good state of mind, and one I feel very lucky to have reached.

So if I have any words of wisdom to impart during my first foray into preggo-world they are to TREAT. YO. SELF. You can tell yourself you won’t buy any new clothes, but if you’re anything like me, that can’t be helped. If you can find ways to feel fabulous while your body does its thing, then do so (pro tip: investing in accessories takes the mind off of sizes on tags; you’ll wear new shoes, bags, and jewelry during and post-pregnancy). But most importantly - treat yourself (as in your corpus) right. Do what ya gotta do (travel while you can, massages, exercise classes, blow outs, etc.) and take your vitamins. And if you can find some as easy and effective as BINTO, all the better.

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