Party Arty

One of my favorite things about the bloggy-blog life is the unexpected connections you make. And one of my favorite unexpected connections is with Indian Summer Collection, a fun accessories line started by a San Antonian who migrated to Kansas City. Which leads to today's post, prompted by the unexpected and extra-exciting invitation to create an inspo-board for the annual Party Arty at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City.  

Based on what I've heard/read, Party Arty is a *themed* event hosted by the Young Friends of Art. The Menil Collection in Houston had a similar event last month, which I unfortunately missed but fortunately stalked for my own FOMO (fear of missing outfits) reasons. Party Arty's theme this year is "masquerade", which I think incorporates any and all head/face adornments (hence, the fascinators - no that's not just a random ice cream cone I included to fill up space, although I ain't against a good collage food-filler).  

Party Arty takes place on January 20th and you can buy tickets here - spontaneous trip to Missouri, anyone?!

Tinsel Jacket - Glamorous// XO Heels - Katy Perry Collection// Fringe Bag - Zara// Black Tie Heels - Katy Perry Collection// White Sunglasses - Perverse// Crystal Globe Heels - Zara// Basquiat Floating Headband - FabHatters// Artist Palette Headpiece - FabHatters// Klaus Nomi Fascinator - FabHatters// Ice Cream Cone Fascinator - MaorZabarHats// Sequin Hoop Earrings - Sparklebutt London// Starry Clutch - Ann Howell Bullard