In My Head: Kelly O'Connor

Today's a big day because my collage models have... heads! And they're not just heads - they're heads borrowed from artist Kelly O'Connor. She's the ultimate collage artist and is my version of clip, cut & paste #goalsWhat? Who? What? you ask - allow me to backtrack

I've been blessed with a sister-in-law who is as fabulous as she is inviting and as hilarious as she is inspiring. But on top of all that fun stuff, she's not only the best life resource but also is an amazing art resource. She works as an art consultant (follow IG Art if you don't already!) and has the best eye for pieces that fit perfectly in your space/taste/budget.

Through IG Art, I've learned of more than a handful of talented artists, but my favorite is Kelly O'Connor. Her work is what my psychedelic, mid-century-inclined dreams are made of.  In fact, I think I told her as much when I met her at an Art Pace event last year and did the signature fan girl move of creepily grabbing her hand and saying "oh ma gawd I loooove you" (I'm telling you, I keeps it cool). And because my stream of consciousness words won't do her justice, I'll leave it to the professionals and direct you to this article Illa wrote a few months ago to give you a better sense of O'Connor's style (warning: you'll find yourself in lurve with Kelly after reading it, too). Here's a snippet:

"O’Connor’s melding of glamour and affliction carries through in the real wasp nests that she has hung from the ceiling of the gallery. Texans can relate to the anxiety that comes with spotting paper wasp nests under eaves, but O’Connor’s vespine nests are painted luminescent gold and contain vividly colored and glittered eggs.

An O'Connor wasp nest (see upper right corner of collage) hangs in my living room, and today some of the heads from her 2016 Hypnotic Void exhibition adorn my collage models. I tried to find fashion as candy-colored and fantastical as they are. Kelly says today's collage gave her bride-of-Frankenstein vibes, while I can't help but think of my late paternal grandmother and her floral applique swimcap. Either way, today's a big day. 

Zig Zag Dress - La Double J