La La Land, Fall Formal Edition

You know, that scene where Emma Stone and her gal pals break out into a choreographed dance routine in the middle of an empty street in their primary monochromatic frocks (see below). I watched La La Land again last night and (as with most movies) my favorite parts are always the beginning and the build up, before the plot gets too complicated and inevitably leaves you in a befuddling state of not knowing whether you're happy or sad anymore (which then leads to another trip to the kitchen, another pour in the glass - you know how that story ends).

Apart from 1) provoking a pathetic, attempted tap performance in my living room, 2) implanting some heavy nostalgia for the glory days of living with three girls and starting off our nights with the best part of the night - getting ready, and 3) leaving me with those damn tunes replaying in my head all. morning. long., the movie did something else. It inspired today's collage, which elevates the costumes just a wee bit so that Emma and her amigas are a little more on-trend and a little more prepared for some fall festivities (no offense to Mary Zophres).


Flower Earrings - Patricia Peckinpaugh// Velvet Dress - Creatures of Comfort// Geometric Purse - Zara// Mismatched Flower Earrings - Bounkit// Clear & Black Suede Pumps - Steve Madden// Two Drop Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel