Rothy's: Up Your Shoe Getup, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

I've made the executive decision that the most efficient and organized way to introduce you to Rothy's and simultaneously blow your mind is in bullet-point format, so without further ado:

  • Rothy's flats are made out of recycled water bottles. You heard me right. Only three materials are used to make 'em: plastic water bottles, recyclable foam for the insole, and rubber for the sole. 
  • The flats are machine washable. You heard me right, again. So they look brand spankin' new after each wash. 
  • They are part office-flat, part everyday-shoe, part-sneaker - so basically you will never find an excuse not to wear them. They're also very, very cute (lookin' at you, red camo).
  • No laces, no zippers, no buckles, no fuss, no nada. 
  • They're all the ables: durable, comfortable, laudable and affordable (ranging from $125-$145).

I know, I know - this is all too much, earth-shattering (or shall I say earth-saving) news for a Wednesday.  But someone has to keep you in the sustainable-shoe know. And that someone is me