What's New, Pussycat?

I'll tell you what's new with this pussycat - mucho. I took a little hiatus from posting last week to make a conscious effort to "lean in" (as the kids say) to my trip to London and by doing so I "plugged out" (as whoever uses that expression says). Sidenote - if I fooled you into thinking I have a glam jet-setting lifestyle, allow me to come clean - I am transitioning between jobs and basically forced/kidnapped my mother into taking me. My accomplice in my make-Mom-take-us-on-a-trip scheme was my youngest sister, who took every opportunity to call me out on regularly looking dazed and confused (aka pondering and looking at anything but my phone). 

But TBH I do feel a lil' dazed and confused (there, I said it). Leaving a job where you worked with people you love to start one that makes you feel like Lucy in the chocolate factory (what in the blippity blip am I doing?) is a funky feeling. Seeing Charlottesville, a city I associate with love, friendship and the happiest of my days become associated with the opposite of these things by the worst kind of evil is heartbreaking. Preparing to move my youngest sister into her freshman dorm this weekend and feeling like it was just yesterday (10 years ago) she did the same for me leaves me with nothing but an urgent request for Father Time: pump the blippin' breaks. 

It's certainly a time of transition for me and the places/people in mi vida, and being the good Capricorn I am, I don't welcome change with open arms. Which is why today's post is about focusing on the only change I am ready for: fall. I am ready for plaids and plush and velvets and velour (if that's your jam), but it is still so. so. hawt. And after reading all this (if you did), I bet you're ready for me to take another hiatus. 

Cat Drop Earrings - Jennifer Loiselle// Suede Pumps - Rue St// Black Magic Woman Bag - Sarah's Bag// Cluster Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Night Fever Clutch - Sarah's Bag