Dress For the Mood You Want, Not the Mood You Have

How does the saying go? Ah yes: "I am [she] as you are [she] as you are me and we are all together." Fitting words for the three looks I keep on constant rotation, which if reduced to one-word descriptions would be the following: martini, glitter, Miami. They take turns, but are chosen on random impulse and oftentimes take my personality along for the ride. They are not one in the same, except they are one in the same because they are the trifecta my closet (and being) encapsulates. This is big picture, psychoanalytic stuff here, people

So when Rebecca de Ravenel decides to rock my week with some new earring designs, I am not torn in two, but in three. Word to the wise: an attempt to narrow the decision of which earrings to buy by scheming what you would wear each of them with is a feeble attempt, indeed. 

Cherry Earrings - Rebecca de Ravenel// Pink Hoop Earrings - Rebecca de Ravenel// Yellow Striped Earrings - Rebecca de Ravenel// Jeans - Zara