Pregame the Fourth with a Promo

Ahhh, there's nothing like being in the office on the Monday before Independence Day #amiright? But over here we are not the type to let a workday pregame to a holiday get us down - especially when we have something as exciting as a personalized promo code to put some pep in our step

Remember that time I rocked your world by introducing you to Mexican luxury knitwear accessories brand Binge Knitting (click here if you need a mental refresher)? WELL, now you can get a 10% discount on any knitted purchase you make from the Binge Knitting website with promo code UPTHEGETUP !!!! (exclamation points included in my vibe, not the code).

After all my talk a few weeks ago, I convinced myself to order the Kelly Green clutch with fringe on the sides and let me just say I heard a hundred little "oohs" and "aahhs" from the items in my closet when I introduced them to their newest roomie (your clothes speak to you too, don't they? that's a dumb question - they obviously do). The color was more vibrant in person and I was especially impressed by the material - heavier and sturdier than you would imagine (in the best way). Now that we have a discount in the mix you don't have any excuses - look like a crochet-clad champion today

Shop Binge Knitting here and use code UPTHEGETUP for 10% discount

Macrame Earrings - Roberta Roller Rabbit// Backgammon Board - Nine Fair// Slide Sandals - Who What Wear for Target