The Right Stuff: Neely & Chloe

Today I introduce you (or rather, talk about how I have introduced myself and reveal much to my dismay how late I can be to the game at times) to Neely & Chloe, a line of handbags that - in their own words - is redefining luxury. In my own words, Neely & Chloe offers all the right stuff for all the right reasons: weekend bag (check), beach bag (check), everyday tote (check), a carry-all clutch (check, check, check).  Vogue's take on the line described it as "a leather collection of handbags and shoes designed for both the young working girl and the aspiring Instagram star who has an eye on both her bank and her follower accounts" - ahem, who you talkin' 'bout Willis? ME? (cue twilight zone music)

So now that you've heard it from the actual source (Neely & Chloe), the most credible of sources (Vogue), and the most questionable of sources (moi), I'll let you form your own take on them. But I'm quite sure you'll fall in lurve with their selection of top-quality materials offered at not top-dollar, affordable prices with tippity-top customization features (think monograms, pins, and all that personalization pizzazz). I know I'm feeling nothing short of the L-word for the Mini Lady bag