An early Feliz Cumpleaños to America & a Felicitaciones to Us!

Today is more exciting than most days - and that's not just because the Friday before a holiday weekend is so close you can almost taste it. "Tell me more, tell me more" you sing to yourself. Well, WE (as in the metaphorical, fabulous being that is this blog and myself combined) are officially part of the RewardStyle posse. Cue the fireworks!!!

"What does it mean? What does it mean?!" you scream melodramatically. Well, for one it means the shopping component of this bloggy blog is about to get a whole lot easier for you (and me). All it takes is downloading (fo' free) the app from the App Store (if you haven't already). Step two is taking a screenshot of the collages I post - you can do it from this site if you're reading from your phone or from Instagram (follow me here if you don't already!). The magical elves who wear black turtlenecks resembling miniature Steve Jobs and live inside your phone will then match the screenshot on the app and show you where you can buy everything. Try it out - it's as easy as a Fourth of July cherry & blueberry pie, y'all!

"But what about" you try to anxiously interject as I put my finger to your mouth to keep you from saying another word. Don't fret - those unique, omgah-where-did-you-find-this items I strive to spot to keep you lookin' fly that aren't yet linked on the app will still be linked on the site. Phew. 

And with that, we'll take a brief moment to reflect on the wonders of technology on the USA's impending 241st birthday... age is just a number and your patriotic party looks are just a screenshot away. 

Firecracker Earrings - Summer Steinfeld // Flag Tote - Colores Collective