Armarium: For When You Get That Fancy Feel

Every now and then (you know, when I'm not waiting in line for Chick-Fil-A in my go-to downtown Houston food-court, driving my husband's F150 around town, or picking cat hair off my athleisure weekend uniform) I get bit by the fancy fly and get an itch for the kind of dress up that makes you forget you drink cheap wine and indulge in What-A-Burger on the reg.

If you find yourself experiencing such fancy feelings, I would direct you to Armarium, a luxury fashion rental site that offers couture and ready-to-wear dresses and accessories from some of the designers you've only dreamt about rocking - until now. Armarium's inventory is unreal - I'm talkin' gowns you see on the red carpet, Matches, or Farfetch that make you daydream about what it would be like to be the kind of person who drops a couple Gs with a few clicks (whoever those lucky maniacs are). The idea behind the rental service is to "introduce you to the dream of the brand and the runway message of the designers" and they make it easy, by offering alterations and assistance from their high-profile stylists. 

With wedding season in full summa-time swing, it could be fun to give Armarium a test run. That way, when you get a "Er-mar-gerd I love your dress! Remind me where I've seen it before?" you can respond with "probably the Cannes red carpet" while flaring your nostrils and making this face.   

Malachite Petal Earrings - Oscar de la Renta// Gold Paillette Dress - Prabal Gurung (via Armarium)// Sea Urchin Purse - Jamin Puech// Green Velvet Heels - Kate Spade// Ball Drop Earrings - Oscar de la Renta// Ostrich Feather Dress - Marchesa (via Armarium)// Blue Rhinestone Heels - Frances Valentine// Light Blue Clutch - Bottega Veneta// Black Feather Earrings - Oscar de la Renta// Gold Circle Midi Dress - Kris Goyri (via Armarium)// Embroidered Velvet Bag - Gucci// Black & Gold Heels - Charlotte Olympia