Monday Musings

Things I'm thinking about this morning (since you're all dy-ing to know): 

  • How da-da-da-da-dayum the weekend went by quickly 
  • How my biglaw office would react if I showed up rockin' an outfit like the one pictured below: impressed? unamused?not surprised? all of the above?
  • How much I'm into the Siriusly Sinatra radio station, which I cannot. stop. JAMMIN' to 
  • How best to celebrate Mochi's (my persian cat) sixth birthday this week - considering gifting him some cat vino since I think he's finally legal in cat years. Have any of you given this stuff to your cat and lived to tell the tale (is there anyone out there?!)?
  • How I might be overdoing it with my application of Colleen Rothschild's Extreme Recovery Cream, a recently discovered lotion that I've been globbering on a la Peg-to-Edward-Scissorhands style
  • How nothing tickles my pickle more on a Monday am than realizing there's a strong likelihood I'm an 80 year old trapped in a 27 year old's body!!!

Crown - Magnetic Midnight// Glitter Eyeglasses - Gucci// Striped Shirt - Veronica Beard// Pink Pants - Isa Arfen// Confetti Earrings - EachToOwn// iPad Case - Charlotte Olympia// Evil Eye Clutch - Poppy Lissiman// Turquoise Slides - Anthropologie