The Newb Got the Golden Ticket: My Weekend At Reward Style's #RSTHECON

When one of your nearest and dearest who also happens to be in da biz (how Andee Olson manages to balance being my college bestie while also being Site Director and Head of Product at The Coveteur, the world will never know) invites you to accompany her to the Reward Style (the geniuses behind the app Like to Know It) conference in Dallas, here's what you do (in chronological order): 1) say a few woosahs so as to keep from letting out a big ole' Cuban yell at the office; 2) accept; 3) once home from the office, let out the aforementioned suppressed yell (it's unhealthy to keep those things in); and 4) sit criss-cross applesauce on your closet floor and practice the Lawd-help-me-fit-this-all-in-a-carry-on meditation until mental clarity and an on-the-verge-of-implosion-suitcase are both achieved. I break down the outfits I wore for all the am and pm activities below (with even more commentary - just what you always wanted!).

As the newb of all newbs, you can imagine my sorry-I-just-can't-keep-cool-I'll-apologize-later-if-I-embarrass-you excitement as I met (or just stalked from afar) some of the most personable influencers in the blogosphere. Highlights of the weekend include: taking my lunch break at the Banana-Republic sponsored Shake Shack picnic (that ain't my average Friday), having a tarot card reading with Andee at the Bumble party (revealing BIG thangs are brewin' and stewin'), hearing Alex Williamson and Courtney Kerr speak of the secret to success in the industry (since I am THE kindest, I'll share it with you - it's to be kind, so consider yourselves officially in the know), and attending the insane finale party at the Wyly Theatre, followed by some equally insane late night grilled cheeses courtesy of the Hotel Crescent Court room service.

You want me to narrow it down to my very favorite part? Fiiine - it would have to be getting to spend much-needed quality time with one of my favorite friends that I don't get to see enough and leaving with some confirmation that perhaps this blog-thing isn't the looniest idea I've ever come up with. Yes, I realize that's two things - but after weaseling my way into #rStheCon, I'm on a breaking-all-da-rulez streak. 

Black & Tortoise Sunglasses - Celine// Black Crop Top - Elizabeth & James// Horse Hair Earrings - Tory Burch// White Culottes - Gap (sold out, similar here)// Tiger Clutch - Reine// Mirrored Sunglasses - Krewe// White Crop T-Shirt - Zara// Lucite Cuff - Lizzie Fortunato// Bird Earrings - Mercedes Salazar (prices in COB)// Skirt - Anjuna (sold out, dress version here)

Black One Shoulder Top - Petersyn// Evil Eye Earrings - Katherine Cordero// Green Pants - DVF// Black Purse - YSL// Polka Dot Heels - Kate Spade// Green Moto Jacket - Ann Taylor// Striped Dress - Isa Arfen// Les Bon Bons - Rebecca DeRavenel (sold out, similar here)// Cat Purse - Lulu Guinness// Pink Heels - Schutz