Red White & Wood

Why are Monday mornings always as brutal as they sound? The first day of the week rightfully gets a bad rap - and when they follow a weekend of shenanigans I feel no compulsion whatsoever to defend the underdog of weekdays (sorray hunny bunny). This past weekend's antics led me to Richmond, VA to celebrate a friend's wedding at the Commonwealth Club. Much like many of the old, historic social clubs in my beloved college state, the Commonwealth Club gives off the breeding-ground-of-Presidents-of-yesteryear vibes: dark wood, mahogany smells, classic American decor, framed portraits of the Founding Fathers and their all white male posse, and an "if these walls could talk" aura of an impressive red brick building that's been around since 1890.

And while it's too early in the day/week to get on my soap box about how this Club needs to (srsly) get with the program and quit its current "only-gentlemen-allowed" policy (tell 'em boy, bye), I do feel compelled to say this: the female reception attendants (my posse) gave those red brick walls life, our heels gave the wooden dance floor the best beating it's ever had, and our beautiful bride made the dudes in those framed portraits wish they were back from the dead. So this post is dedicated to the ladies, who wear and thrive in the red, white and wood much better than (or just as good as, since #hashtag equality) the rest of them, darling. 

Leaf Earrings - Asha//White Dress - Reformation// Red Flower Clutch - Etsy// Cork Heels - Stuart Weitzman// Wood Sunglasses - Panamera// Red Top - Marques' Almeida// Flower Skirt - Sea// Round Straw Purse - Free People// Red Pearl Heels - Stuart Weitzman// Feather Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// White Crop Top - Asos// Striped Culottes - Tanya Taylor// Raffia Tote - Folk Fortune// Wood Heels - Vince