Dressing for Success: Behold the Power of the Power Suit

Last week I attended the Models of Success event at the Dress for Success Houston headquarters with my firm - it was my first and only front row runway seat experience (shocking, I know), but I don't think I'll ever enjoy another fashion show more than this one. The models (all current or prior clients of the organization) spoke of their personal and professional triumphs, which are not your run-of-the-mill on-the-job stories. These women - mothers, veterans, and survivors in every sense of the word - talked about their promotions, career highs and lows, marathons, and family lives and attributed all their accomplishments to Dress for Success and the resources it provides them. The phrase I continued to hear throughout the evening was "it's more than just a suit," which got me thinking about the way a work outfit can open doors, change your outlook, and (on a less monumental note) make or break your mood.

My approach to work-wear is pretty straightforward: I don't like to be cold, I don't like when my feet hurt, and I don't like being caught in a post-work activity looking like a total dweeb (although sometimes I just embrace that look when its too hard to shake off). So dollars to donuts, you'll find me wearing pants (let's be real - nobody got time for a daily shave) and flats. Upon entering the grind of the work force a young maiden quickly learns while it's not necessarily fun to buy office-friendly clothes, the sad reality is she will spend most of her time in them (womp womp). So investing in some pieces that are on trend and that make it easy to transition from work time to free time (lolz wut is that?) will help put some pep in your step during your 9 to 5 (I for one do a little shimmy when I nail the "don't look like a librarian today" challenge). 

Oh - and PSA of the week: buy the black pants from Cos (link below). I paid a visit to River Oaks District yesterday (Sunday Funday, amiright?) and finally got to see what all the Cos fuss is about. The brand sits on very top of the H&M brand totem pole and is all about a chic, minimalist aesthetic - think beautiful cuts, solid colors, and work-appropriate silhouettes. I would liken their pieces to what Theory and Vince have to offer, except with a much better price point (most items are around $100). But back to these pantaloons - I've tried all the black pants under the Tuscan sun and these officially rank numero uno. They have a side zipper/button system and are made out of good, thick material that suck you in (supa flattering) while still being stretchy enough to be comfortable (my tip - go up one size) - total game changers.

Tweed Jacket - Rebecca Taylor// Sweater - Lingua Franca// Tan Blazer - J. Crew// White Top - Alice & Olivia// Blue Top - Vivetta// Black Top - Cos// Glitter Glasses - Gucci// Black Pants - Cos// Wool Loafers - Stubbs & Wootton// Cat Bag - Paul & Joe Sister// Scarf - Tuckernuck// Gold Earrings - Asha// Hard Stuff Bottle - Shopbop// Patent Loafers - Chatelles// 
Green Suede Bag - Mansur Gavriel