Scary Times Ahead

Stating the obvious here: Halloween is a few sleeps away. Also just around the corner for me are plenty of work deadlines, a move to a new house, a handful of birthdays for my near and dears, and weekend travels to weddings and the like for the rest of the upcoming month. Scary busy times, indeed.

So please forgive my loss of momentum on posts - I promise the bloggy-blog is still on my to-do list - but the list just doesn't seem to stop growing lately. What will never stop growing, however, is my pash-un for fash-un and my love of costume. Here are a few contenders for my second-favorite holiday: 

Star Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Purple Boots - Zara// Silver Ball Drop Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel// Pink Poodle Earrings - 77th Jewelry// Custom Neck Tie - Abbie Walsh// Golden Girl Record Bag - Sarah's Bag