Q: What to Wear to a Fall Wedding? A: Don't Leave the Color at Home

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Lips Earrings - Jennifer Loiselle

Q: Tailgate Outfit Ideas? A: Smells Like School Spirit

Fall means football. And the pinnacle of college game days at my beloved alma mater, the University of Virginia, was always the tailgate. So when I received some requests from my beloved followers asking for game day outfit ideas, my mind went back to the days of solo cups, Crystal Light, and the parking lot of Scott Stadium (let's be honest, the real fun back then was seeing how many ham biscuits you could mooch off your friends' parents, and it was usually nap time by kickoff). 

But now that we are mature models of society and I-didn't-pay-for-this-ticket-to-miss-the-game alumni, we can up our tailgate get ups (if you will) and show some trendy school spirit. Go team, go sports, go back in time and live out your best college-self.  

Horned Frog Earrings - Lola & Lina// Purple Orleans Sunglasses - Krewe// Cactus Earrings - Elizabeth Lanier Designs// Alegria Clutch - Sarah Sharp// Louisa Sunglasses - Krewe// UVA Hat - Mincers// Horsehair Tassel Necklace - Elizabeth Lanier Designs// Bespoke UT Loafers - Stubbs & Wootton// Hook Em! Straws - Etsy

Q: Cheap & Easy Costume Ideas? A: Bada Bing, Bada Bang

It's October!!! My favorite month of the year, which just so happens to be followed by my third and second favorite months of the year. It is officially time to get in the holiday state-of-mind, which is an all-around glorious state of mind. How the calendar has such an effect on my endorphins is beyond me, but so are most of the mechanics behind my hormonal fracases. 

I never understood those people - yes, they're out there and apologies if you're one of them - who claim they don't "do" Halloween. You don't "do" dressing up and candy? You don't "do" the two things that make up my entire essence and being? That is some real bogus hocus pocus that yo no comprendo. But if you're tempted to be a Halloween-Scrooge for reasons related to "ermergawd I'm not spending that on an itchy tacky costume I'll wear once in my life," then perhaps H&M and Katy Perry Collections can lure you over to the dark, sugar-infested side (my side) with these three easy costume ideas. 

Mummy Slip-Ons - Katy Perry Collection

Q: US Open Outfit? A: Consider it Served

As the saying goes, if you believe it, you can achieve it. So I will believe that getting out of Houston this weekend will be easy breezy and that there will be nothing but smooth sailing at the airport. It may take lots of believin' to achieve getting to the US Open, but not so much believin' to find the perfect outfit to wear to the courts this weekend - I did that for ya already

Hoop Earrings - Rebecca DeRavenel// Blue Dress - Driscoll NY// Bucket Bag - Staud Clothing// Wristband - Tory Burch Sport// Tennis Bomber Jacket - Tory Burch Sport// Tennis Skirt - Tory Burch Sport// Headband - Tory Burch Sport 

Q: What do I pack for a Greek vacay? A: WWAGGD (What would a Grecian goddess do?)

Going Greek? I did - with Over the Moon. Check out my post here

Dress - Elliette// Evil Eye Earrings - Katherine Cordero// Evil Eye Bikini - Verde Limon// Light Blue Earrings - Rebecca DeRavenel// Embroidered Romper - Alice McCall